Race Rules

Each team will have six racers and will consist of:
– A Professional Skier: A decorated racer with national team pedigree
– A Team Captain: The buyer/organizer of the team
– Four competitors: Selected by the team captain
– Note: The team captain does not have to compete! In this case, there would be five competitors.

The race will be a dual giant slalom set on the Little Nell Hill at the base of Aspen Mountain

Each racer must take one run down both Giant Slalom courses the day prior to the competition. Times recorded for these runs will be the basis for ‘handicapping’, so racers are honor-bound to perform their best. Racers should participate in ‘handicapping’ wearing the same outerwear and using the same equipment that they plan to wear/use for race day. Handicapping times will be adjusted throughout the race day.

Each racer will compete head-to-head with racers of relatively equal ability from three different teams. The start gate will open first for the racer who has the higher handicap. Racers must complete the course (by turning around all gates) to earn a qualifying time.

We have a Race Committee and jury to settle all questions. The Race Officials will be announced soon.

If a racer is perceived by the race committee to have intentionally impacted their time, the race committee reserves the right to disqualify them from the run.

The winning team will be presented with the coveted Gorsuch Cup at the après party as well as beautiful Hayes belt buckles provided by Gorsuch. The Gorsuch name is synonymous with skiing excellence, family tradition, generosity, and style. From the family’s Olympic heritage to their philanthropy and sponsorship in skiing, this trophy will forever be associated with champions both on and off the hill. The trophy will be proudly displayed in a window of the Gorsuch store in Gondola Plaza at the base of Aspen Mountain.

For additional race rules details, click here.