Team Roster


  • A PROYour pro will be decided on December 27th at the Audi Ajax Cup launch party at 7908 Aspen. Pros are randomly drawn to teams. They’re all ridiculously fast and ready to rip, so you can’t go wrong.
  • TEAM CAPTAINWhether you race or not is up to you! Choose four friends to accompany you and your pro, or ask five friends to represent your team and cheer them on from the tent and sidelines.
  • YOUR TEAM MEMBERSYour racers must be available to participate in both the handicapping on December 29th (12pm-2pm) and the race on December 30th (9am-2:30pm).
  • PARTY GUESTSEach racer has the opportunity to bring one guest to a number of events: Casa Tua launch party, Caribou Club ‘Seeding Apres Party’, Viewing Platform on Race Day and Shlomo’s Deck for lunch, and the après celebration on Shlomo’s patio! Simply register the name of your guest with Susan Muenchen at

Team Rosters are due by Friday, 12/7 to Susan Muenchen: or 970-205-5107